Love to Learn

The singular goal that my best friend and I had when we began thinking holistically about our children and their education is that we ultimately cared most that they would love learning.

In other words, we wanted to optimize their environment in such a way that they realized that learning is one of the greatest gifts and opportunities that we have and that they develop an insatiable desire to learn.

If this happened then we could say that we’ve fulfilled our mission as parents in it relates to education. And, if they grow up learning to love learning… then we do not care if it is via the public school system or private or hackschooling.

During our morning car ride, my oldest and I chatted about this and she casually mentioned, in a long and winding way, that her environment was positive and she really enjoys learning.

I couldn’t be happier.

I told her that if that’s true then she’ll never be bored and she will live a very fulfilling life. That might not matter to her now… but it will later.

This is how I personally qualify opportunities for myself, both personally and professionally (but very much the latter)… I ask myself whether this particular project with these particular people in that particular industry gives me an opportunity to learn a lot.

If the answer is yes then there’s a good reason to jump in. In this way I’ve very rarely been bored… and I have lived a very (short) fulfilling life. It works.