Love Writing

Every year I spend $175 on a single domain. For most people, I imagine, this is a bit much. But, you’d think differently if I told you how much I spend on domains every year in aggregate…

I digress…

My personal blog domain,, is not cheap but it might be one of the best subscriptions that I have; definitely one of the best purchases that I’ve made.

The domain for my blog on and through which I write¬†every single day, is invaluable to me. There’s a deeply personal connection that I feel towards it, which may sound strange, but, it’s one of the more strong relationships that I have.

(We will not talk about what it means to have a relationship with a digital property…)

I meet and engage with this relationship every day. I don’t always want to, but, I always do. At this point in time we’re old friends… who have grown old (and are growing older) together. We have our quirks and there are a ton of things we don’t like about each other… but those¬†idiosyncrasies don’t really matter at this point in time – we just accept each other the way that we are.

We meet, when we can, and if it’s a brief and short exchange or a long and arduous one… it’s all the same to us. The discipline has manifested respect which has birthed love. Yes, I do love writing.

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