Steve Jobs: Do You Truly Love What You Do?

[tentblogger-vimeo 34370232]

I really like this very short video with Steve Jobs talking about passion and truly loving what you do. I especially like the rationale that it’s ultimately about perseverance – and that any sane person would quit (and probably should quit or get fired) if they don’t love what they do.

In terms of your blog, do you truly enjoy your time writing and blogging? If not you probably won’t make it long-term which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but the point is not to be confused, jaded, or disillusioned that you’re going to be doing it 10 years from now.

In fact, it might be better to concentrate on things that really get you going instead of spending time in areas that might be simply a weakness.

This is the last day of the calendar year in 2011 – make it count by not repeating the same boring things next year!