10 Things to Do on a Low Traffic Days, Holidays, and Other Such Days

It happens... a lot!

Today is a “low traffic day” as I, like many other bloggers, like to call it. Heck, it’s or a good reason – no doubt! Salutations and thanks to all you amazing moms out there this Mother’s Day!

But the fact remains that your pageviews and visits are most definitely more low than the average calendar day simply because people are actually focused on other things than their RSS reader and clicking through blogs.

No one’s to blame but it certainly can feel somewhat defeating if you take it too personally or if you’ve got some short term traffic goals you’re trying to make. But it’s not all bad and it can actually be a good time to do some spring cleaning or do a few things that you might not typical do during any other day during the week, month, or even year.

Here are a few things that you could definitely do to pass the time and “get ahead” so that when they show up tomorrow (or in a few days) you’re in a better place than before the holiday:

Get Offline and Enjoy that Holiday!

I love my mother.

Ok, so this isn’t exactly one of the things that you could do for your blog directly – but, it is one of the things that you do indirectly for your blog!

Get out, go enjoy the holiday and spend the time with those that you love and cherish. You might even get some inspiration from your time with them – perhaps you get a huge boost of motivation to keep the blog going!

The benefits are near-infinite and all it requires you to do is to close the lid of your laptop, take a step back, breathe, and then go enjoy life.

I mean, shoot – you’ve only got one of them! You can have more blogs any day of the week!

10 Low Traffic Day Opportunities:

Think of these low traffic days as opportunities for “Spring Cleaning” for your blog can happen as often as you want and is definitely not relegated to just the spring time on your yearly calendar.

Here are some things that you could easily do during that low traffic day that could be seriously beneficial for your blog:

  1. Database – Take a look some of the internal systems of your blog – you might realize that you need to do something such as cleaning up the database (mySQL) and get all the extra space free so as to speed up your blog and your end user’s experience. There are a lot of options out there but you could use one WordPress Plugin that I’ve created to make it super-easy.
  2. CategoriesPrune your categories and spend some time thinking about how you could further focus your content even more. You might have to consolidate your categories, get rid of a few, and/or add one or two more. It might take a few moments or it could take some serious thought. Start the process and get ahead!
  3. Draft – Draft one or more blog posts so that you can fire them off in the coming week. Perhaps you might take it to the next level and start putting together a Blog Series that will help gather lots of traffic that’ll definitely recoup the lost traffic during this low traffic day.
  4. Experiment – I have shared previously how I believe one of the core ingredients to a successful blog is the blogger’s ability to experiment. Perhaps you need to spend the day experimenting with something new, trying something that you may have never tried before. Now’s the time, especially when no one’s looking (or at least not as many!).
  5. Research – Become a business analyst for the day and go research some areas of your blog and strategy that you haven’t ben able to do recently (or ever). For example, if you’re remotely interested in making a few dollars (or more) from your blog then perhaps you need to do some research on what it’s going to take for you to monetize your blog. You can, of course, start with a few of my series on making money blogging as well as how to get started with blog advertising!
  6. Video – This goes along well with the above point covering “Experimentation” but I thought it would be worth it to be explicit – why not try a video blog post? Get out that camera or iPhone and become a vlogger for the day. See how it feels – you might surprise yourself.
  7. Themes, Plugins – Again, this goes with experimentation in general as well but it’s worth mentioning: Go try a new WordPress Plugin or a new WordPress Theme! You might do something even drastic but don’t worry, no one will notice.
  8. Do Something Else – Perhaps you need to do something other than blogging for the day? Perhaps just go exercise or go explore a new hobby or something you’ve been “meaning to do” but never have gotten around to it. Perhaps it’s just what you need to get some extra motivation and/or inspiration.
  9. Read – Sometimes the best thing to do on a low traffic day is to simply read other blogs or other material. This is an easy one but something I’ve forgotten to do over the years. You need to read to become a better writer!
  10. Dream a Bit – Perhaps you need to learn to dream a bit – think big and visioncast for the day. I spent some time sharing some thoughts on Steve Jobs as a blogger and I was totally inspired. Your blog has the potential to be as big or exceed your dreams – but are you dreaming big enough? It takes time and a bit of training!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Mother’s Day (and low traffic day)!

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