Lower Costs

As we begin to scale out our operations on my small project that has become a bit larger than I thought (and with such speed!), we’re starting to think through not just the what but the who.

Thankfully, one of the long-term benefits of company building is that you get to work with amazing people and if you treat them well, even if the outcome isn’t to everyone’s liking, you’ll end up with a shortlist of folks that you want to work with again.

I think of a quote via W. Edwards Deming who once said:

The result of long-term relationships is better and better quality, and lower and lower costs.

And that couldn’t be more true, especially in early-stage startup hiring.

One of the many challenges (and perhaps the largest) in early-stage companies is getting a talented and functional team together as quickly as possible, especially when you have capital to spare (or burn). A lot of time is wasted working through interviews and potential candidates when the founding team needs to focus on building a product worth using and that people love.

If you can use that shortlist then you can essentially throw away all of the interviews and candidate searching and pooling and just get down to business. Again, I’m so grateful to have developed a deep list of talented folks who, depending on timing, could once again join me for another new adventure.

And, of course, the more practice that you have with company building the better the long-term results of your relationships will be as you acquire better skills at hiring, taking care of your employees, and general relationship skills.

Yet another benefit (at least for me) for entrepreneurship.

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