The Luckier I Get…

Samuel Goldwyn once said:

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

I really like this quote because it represents a philosophy and worldview that I strongly encourage, especially with my own children.

I want them to understand the importance of hard work. I also want them to know that you can love hard work as well, that hard work isn’t a burden but a consequence of one’s own skillset matching a true need.

And when these two things are married the miraculous can happen. Startups are born, new relationships are created, and value is distributed to those that need it most.

This quote reminds me of something a friend once mentioned to me after knowing me for some time:

John, you make your own luck.

I like that. Sometimes that’s the best and only explanation of how things get done in my life. Wake up, show up, and then work hard.

You see, when things go well we should celebrate them without ego. When things go poorly we inspect, reflect, and then we continue to wake up, show up, and then work hard.

This is one of the best “formulas” for success that I know of. It might just be the most accurate and time-tested as well.