“I Got Lucky as Fuck”

More of us would say the exact same about how we’ve not only succeeded but are still alive today. Sometimes I look at my own three kids and I wonder how they are still here…

I appreciate Post Malone being honest about how all of these things “worked out” for him in the end.

I have a lot of respect for folks who just admit that they would have been nothing if it weren’t for a combination of things that happen in their lives that were totally outside of their control.

I can easily raise my own hand and just say it as loudly as possible:

I got lucky as fuck.

LOL. And even his name was created by a Rap Name Generator! I love that so much. So many of my own projects were completely random.

I’m not throwing away the principle and value of hard work – that clearly is an important part of the so-called “formula” of success but the more powerful things are, again, totally outside of one’s control.

Post Malone was born into a world where YouTube, Guitar Hero, and online video games were kind of a big thing. Also, the internet so he could create a random rap name. And Soundcloud.

He didn’t get to choose those things. He was just born into a time where those things were available to him. Totally outside of his control.

I think about this a lot.

As much as we all work and as hard as we all work… sometimes it’s just timing. Sometimes it’s just circumstance. Sometimes it’s just luck.

I love that.

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