Macbook Speed, Performance Comparisons

As I mentioned a day or so ago, I’m testing out the 11-inch Macbook Air so as to see if it’s worth it to make a switch when all of my current functional needs are satisfied via my current 13-inch (which I adore).

I spent some time doing some speed and performance tests on the two systems and here are some of the results:


Macbook 13-inch Disk Speed Test


Macbook 11-inch Disk Speed Test

As you can see the 11-inch disk speed test annihilated my current solution’s speed.

The question, of course, is whether or not it’s actually noticeable from my own perspective and that’s an easy answer to give: Yes, without question, the 11-inch feels incredibly zippy. Backed by 8GB of RAM (as compared to the 4GB with my 13-inch) I was able to manage many more applications at the same time.

Ok, on to the Geekbench Test:

macbook-air-11-13-speed-compare-3 macbook-air-11-13-speed-compare-4

You can see both of the scores (available here and here) that again the 11-inch outperforms the 13-inch. No surprise given the technical components.

But the bottom-line is this: With the obvious speed and performance bumps is it still worth the transition costs (and financial costs) of moving from the more than satisfactory 13-inch to 11-inch?

Still testing… I’ll let you know!