10 Reasons Why the New Macbook Air is the Best Laptop for a (Professional) Blogger

It has been nearly a week and a half since I first booted up my new Macbook Air and I have run this system to the limits, both in terms of processing power as well as my rigorous use and unique time-tested workflow.

And the results are definitely in: I believe the new Macbook Air to be the best portable blogging laptop and system that’s ever been created.

Here are my 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s fast and handles applications like Adobe Photoshop with ease. This was one of the more surprising results and it passed with flying colors. Most of the real design work for a blogger isn’t managing huge files with thousands of layers anyway. Also handles my software development needs too. I can run my business just fine.
  2. Upgrading the memory to 4GB is a must, and with this extra boost of memory I’ve been able to manage my workflow with ease. Multiple apps open? Not a problem, and don’t see that I’ll ever have one with my workflow.
  3. Screen size was fine and I had plenty of real estate to manage apps, drafting, and whatever else I needed. 1440 x 900 is plenty.
  4. Super light. I still am surprised when I pick it up. Portable? Yes. Ultra portable? Yes.
  5. Full QWERTY keyboard is amazing the response and touch is perfect. The glass touchpad makes me smile.
  6. Battery life is just as advertised, maybe even more so. I love heading to Starbucks feeling great that I can spend my day there on one charge without taking my power cord. Total win. I’ve got a few apps that help manage my power consumption as well so that’s extended the life even more.
  7. I’ve been experiencing SSD Hard drive technology for a while and this seems just as responsive and quick as my Macbook Pro. Once you go SSD you can’t go back.
  8. Handles video capture via Facetime camera just great and Skype calls/interviews are crisp and without jumpiness. The NVIDIA 320M Graphics card is flying.
  9. The display is pretty and very clear. I haven’t had any issues with varying sunlight or glare as I travel and blog in different locations. Love this.
  10. It just makes “sense.” This, of course, is the most superficial justification of the bunch but when I talk to people about my profession and what I do and when they ask what I use and I tell them the MBAir they just nod and agree – they even might say plainly “Yeah, that makes sense.” The machine is powerful enough to handle all of a Professional Blogger’s core needs, lightweight enough to carry anywhere to any conference or environment, and it just looks “Pro.”


I do have the newer version with an i7 processor. Check it out here.

For full disclosure and a bit of context, here are my specs:

  • 13″ Macbook Air
  • 2.13GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 256GB Flash Storage

Now, the thing is definitely not perfect! For example, I have found this to be categorically impossible to do:

It is impossible to hold the system just like the picture without breaking your hand. I’ve tried. I have had other people try. It can’t be done I tell you!

Marketing, it works!

Finally, I use these two essential apps to help my power and CPU usage as well. Take a look here.