So, What’s Better than a Macbook Air?

I’ve been talking up the Macbook Air ever since it really first came out and I still believe it to be the very best blogging notebook ever created – I take it everywhere I go and I couldn’t be more happy with it’s performance.

It truly is my most-favorite blogging laptop that I’ve ever used and I have little, if any, complaints (and I’m a serious¬†user, not a casual browse-the-internet-and-check-email guy)!

But being an “early adopter” can be a challenge at times…

So, what’s better than a Macbook Air? How about two of them?

Yup. Yup. *Stupid joke.*

I blame it on Apple of course! Apple released their updated version with a faster processor (i7 on the 13″) and even more awesomeness built right in. I held out for as long as I possibly could and then had to cave in and get one for some of the new work that I’m doing.

Naturally I had to add some personality to the box and War Machine did just fine complementing my first generation system’s Iron Man:

Pretty darn slick.

Of course, you can even see some of the Toasty TentBlogger love on both machines!

If you still haven’t considered a Macbook Air as a viable solution for your needs then you need to do some research, try it out and see for yourself. Unless you’re big into video and graphic processing I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t be at the top of your list.

Yum! A perfect anniversary gift if I do say so myself!