macOS +

Love Yeah. So do I.

In fact, one of my projects has used as the primary blog and communication channel for the entire project (you can see that here) and I also have been cross-posting blog posts here on my personal blog to my Medium account (you can follow and subscribe here).

And… I’m not entirely sure how I amassed over 4.1k followers but it happened somehow.

But there’s something about that platform that continues to intrigue and excite me. That’s why I investigated fully the possibility of creating some integration points with Medium with Desk, my macOS app a while back (even as far back as 2013!).

And the thing has continue to grow in strength and number. I launched Desk with a integration and people loved it. Fast-forward a little bit and now I’m looking at putting together and publishing client (a’la Desk) for those that love

Go figure, right?

I’m calling the project mnml and I’ve got a small landing page here.


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Good times.