Get a Email Newsletter System Today! (I Use MailChimp)

Whoever thought of this logo is a GENIUS!

[This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series. Check out the rest here!]

One of the most important and strategic things that you’ll do as a blogger is collect emails. It’s a pretty simple concept and not many people think of it often but it can have significant payoff in the long-run.

In fact, one of the biggest and most consistent regrets of some of the most successful bloggers out there is that they didn’t start using a newsletter system earlier!

Why? Well, we’ll get to that in a bit (I’ve got a series around it, so stay tuned!) but the point is this: Get a email newsletter system started today!

Ok? Got it? Great! So, what do I use? That’s easy: MailChimp.

For those that aren’t familiar with MailChimp then let me be the honored person to introduce you to it!

MailChimp is a world-class  web service that helps you craft simple, effective, and awesome-looking newsletters! I use it here for the TentBlogger Newsletter as well as for some of my other blogs.

There are more than enough reasons to love MailChimp (besides their awesome logo) so I could take a lot more time going in depth about it (and I won’t) so here are some of my top value call-outs:

  • It’s free to start using. Love this for new bloggers who are developing out their newsletter subscriber base!
  • The web interface is stunningly-brilliant and intuitive.
  • They have an amazing tools and resources to help you learn how to use their system the best. They are all about education (just like me) and want to make sure their users are maximizing their system.
  • You can throw in custom designs for your newsletters easily!
  • Beautiful metrics and reporting!

It’s the last part that I wanted to briefly highlight. I sent my first TentBlogger Newsletter last week and right after it was sent I jumped into the reporting dashboard:

Click for larger view.

As you can see, the reporting they offer is amazing!

Here’s what it looked like the morning after I first sent it out:

People are opening it! Yay! - Click for larger view.

In addition, you have “Clicks over Time,” “Opens by Location,” and even “Click Performance” by URL within the newsletter:

That is sweet looking.

First links in a newsletter are always clicked the most!

Pretty neat, right? You can quickly track the effectiveness of your campaigns and see what’s really going on!

These are just a few things that I love about MailChimp, so if you’re even considering using a newslettering system (which you should) then consider MailChimp.

And that’s the point (again, for emphasis): Starting a newslettering system is a very important part of your blogging strategy. We’ll cover more details about why in a bit, but start today.

Again, I’ve heard it time and time again that one of the biggest regrets of some of the more successful bloggers is that they didn’t start capturing emails via a newsletter earlier!

Oh, and one more thing: There are a lot of options out there when it comes to email newsletter systems and you’ll find that there are some pretty compelling offers, especially as it relates to affiliate marketing and stuff like that. But here’s one more reason why I am suggesting MailChimp to you: I don’t technically get “paid” to support it! There’s no direct financial return for me to share it with you!

Sure, I get “credits” but I won’t be able to cash those out if I never use them. Here’s the point most simply: I believe in MailChimp so much that I’m willing to support it despite that possibility of financial loss as a result of not using another system. I just think MailChimp is that much better!

So, what do you use?

[This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog series. Check out the rest here!]