How to Maintain Fresh Blog Content?

via Wiselike:

How are bloggers able to maintain fresh and innovative content on a regular basis?
What skills are needed for novice bloggers looking to effectively market their products and services to mass audiences?

You are asking two very different questions but the first is probably the most important (and the question I’m more interested in answering).

Bloggers maintain fresh and innovative content on a regular basis by………………..


… writing.

I know, that’s super-lame, but, it’s honestly the best answer. You might be very interested in reading this very important blog post of mine:

“How I’d Start (Restart) a Blog if I Were to Begin Today” –

The short of it is…? You have to START WRITING so you can START PRACTICING and so that you can START LEARNING how to create all that innovative and great content that I know you have inside of you…!

But it takes time, practice, and you can’t give up. Most people give up. That’s understandable. I know, it’s hard. But, if this is really a big thing for you, a priority, then you’ll make the time for it.

But you have to start. Get to it.