Make it Simple: Thoughts from a Blogger, a Designer, and a Developer

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[Tom McFarlin, a gifted developer, and Jared Erickson, a very talented designer, give a few thoughts as it relates to blog design and development.]

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again: Your challenge as you build your blogs from the ground up is to maintain a level of simplicity in your design, the information architecture, and the back-end code.


Adding too much bloat will create confusion in your readers and slow the flow of information as well as practical load times!

For many of you this will be a subtle reminder of what you already know, but I’m constantly reminded that most people are not familiar with the power of simplicity as it relates to blog design and development!

Even many of your blogs that are linked from here in the comments are a little too busy for me (and your visitors).

Let’s encourage each other to keep it simple!

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