How Professional Bloggers Make Money, How to Make Money Blogging

Have to pay for that coffee somehow...

Over the course of this week I’m going to be writing a series of posts that simply list out the various (and exciting!) different ways that bloggers make money.

These techniques and strategies are used by both the casual blogger (or TentBlogger) and the Professional Blogger alike, so you will probably learn a thing or two.

Most importantly, you’ll begin to naturally brainstorm on how to begin executing on some of them yourself!

Remember that a blogger is never necessarily limited to these particular ways of executing on these strategies and techniques and that the more creative, focused, and dedicated you are to your craft the better your results and return, for both you, your community, and your partner organizations.

10 Ways that a Blogger Makes Money:

Here is the list (that’ll grow over the next week or two) of strategic ways that bloggers make money:

  1. Direct Advertising Sales
  2. Advertising Networks
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Paid Reviews, Sponsored Posts
  5. Blog Networks, Guest and Paid Posting
  6. Selling Products, Merchandise, and Expertise
  7. Big Business and Corporate Blogging
  8. Services and Business Development
  9. Premium Content, Auxiliary Sites, Donations, and More
  10. The Art and Science of Diversification

I’ll be linking the related posts each day as I finish writing them.

Do you have any specific questions and/or insights? Love to hear them in the comments!