“Make Something of Myself”

“I feel this constant pressure to make something of myself,” relates one young person, who now works at a startup after interning at an investment bank.  “Even during celebrations, it’s like we’re all plotting the next competition. My friends have a ton of ambition and no clear place to channel it. I get the sense that we’re all trading happiness to run a little faster, even if we’re not sure where.”

Achievement without purpose. How very, very sad.

One solution? Find something to believe in:

The single biggest thing you can do to feel good about your direction in life is to find the right opportunity, one in which you’re building toward something. As Graham Weston, the co-founder of Rackspace, put it, “What we all want from work is to be valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission.”

An inspiring mission? +1. Totally agree.