Make Them Remember You

I really love this music video that League of Legends created, for a number of reasons… but first, give it a watch:

Besides the fact that I like the music (most things from Glitch Mob are dope af 🔥) and the animation (I do love anime… in all its forms!) and that I enjoy video far too much (although I’m not playing them much these days)… this video’s core message really works: Your journey will be tough and the obstacles in your way will have to be overcome (and winning may be painful and costly).

Work hard and make them remember you. I like this because it’s very close to one of my life mantras:

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Steve Martin’s angle and approach was quite simple as well but the one thing he was able to do was channel all of us time and creative energy into a singular exercise and goal: Be the very best comedian that he could possibly be.

When I wrote that original post I was focusing a lot of my time on building a “professional” blog; meaning, that I believed that my future vocation centered squarely on my digital writing and how I could make a full-time income from it.

It “worked” on a number of different levels (I was able to make ~$44k+ that first year or something like that) but ultimately it wasn’t for me as I didn’t enjoy the balance and pressure of having to write all the time for money.

But, I didn’t quit writing and I still wake up, every single day, and crank out at least one public blog post a day, since 2001. And the results have been phenomenal and beyond what I could have imagined – for instance, my blogging efforts became the catalyst for the biggest acquisition that I’ve ever had for one of my projects (selling a startup to a Fortune 500).

The lesson here is not exactly clear though, but, I can say with confidence that commitment to something over a long period of time gives you experience and especially insight that money cannot buy.

And sometimes the sheer volume of activity over an exceptional long period of time makes it inevitable that folks will remember your good works and perhaps even join with you in them.

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