Make Twitter into Cash just hit the maps as the new service where you can not only make a couple bucks per month via your Twitter account but is also the fastest way to get Qwitter-spam like no tomorrow (or, perhaps, like yesterday’s nightmarish experience of @loswhit “enemic-like” behavior… one person called it a genocide).

I mean, seriously, would YOU want to get random advertisments via my twitter account on occasion?

I mean, I could use the extra money… a ministry-salary can be somewhat “slim”…  but at what “cost”?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I wouldn’t make much money anyways because my twitter-evaluation was less than a Happy Meal at MickeyD’s…

But, Ragamuffin could be making somewhat south of a Benjamin!  Check it:

Anyways, do as you please.  If I do see an advertisement, expect the email.  Expect it.