Making Social, Data


I’m trying to find ways and methods of making things more “social” via services like Socialize above or publicly-available SDKs and/or APIs.

The point is to learn how others create simple social networks without all the fluff. Socialize seems like a lot of fluff, by the way and I don’t plan on using it seems.

I’m thinking about this from both the user perspective as well as the technical one – what does it mean to “Like” something or comment on it and what does this interaction really mean for the end-viewer and content creator.

Why do these things matter and how do you create it simply?

My partners and I had a conversation recently about things like OAuth vs signing up via email. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but only now am I thinking about it terms of technical implementation – create a database to hold user information via tables on my own server or leverage existing sign-in/sign-up systems that will save some work in user administration/creation.

I’ll have to store the user information in some way as well as a place for the actual images and data – yes, they’ll be available directly on the end-users blog but sourcing them directly will create a hodge-podge user experience as some servers and hosting environments are far too slow to handle the potential viewing globally.

The end result, although incredibly freeing, will have the user pissed off because it’s inconsistent at best. Centralizing the data source into a universal cloud-solution might be superior at this point. This means, though, that the pressure is on my data repo to scale which means cost.


I guess I’ll start here for now.