Making Vision Stick

I have sat under quite a few so-called “leaders” in my life and there are only a handful that ultimately deserve the mantle of that title — Andy is one of them.

It’s entirely impossible to state, comprehensively, how impactful Mr. Stanley has been in my life; I was up late into the night listening, taking notes, and digesting every single video / podcast on this website.

This is despite the fact that I have heard these talks many times over, in many different venues, forms, sermons, and internal staff meetings (having had the pleasure of working under him and the larger leadership team for a season).

Even if you aren’t into religion or spiritual topics, his talk about how to make vision “stick” is a must-watch for all leaders as well as developing / future leaders:

Take notes and then watch it at least once a year; thank me later.

Andy is one of the few leaders that I can’t seem to stay away from either; his clarity of thought, alignment of those thoughts with his vision / mission, and how he translates that to an organization that supports that vision / mission… is entirely by-design.

It’s taken two-decades+ to build his “startup” but he’s done it, his way.