News Feed Design Experiments: March 2017

Half-way through last month we gave a visual update to some of the feed design experiments that we were currently running and I wanted to share some newer design iterations for your consideration and review for March of 2017!

So, here we go.

We already gave a small update on some of our thoughts around designing digital reactions but here are some new-ish experiments:

One card in the feed with clickable interactions.

If you click the smiley-face+ button, we tried showing this:

Add digital reactions.

Doesn’t look bad but we’ll have to use it for a while to see if it sticks.

We’d love to add commenting as well, so, here’s a possible look for comments:


We’ll be able to pull existing comments from systems like GitHub but we also wanted to try adding our own metadata to the card and update itself. What we’ll do with that user-generated content has not been fully fleshed out but we have some ideas.

Some of the exciting things that we can do with our data and what we’re pulling into the feed is the ability to interact with some of our integrated systems directly like GitHub.

Assigning issue to user.

A common issue is for a team not to assign an issue to a person and so what would it be like if you could do this easily through the feed? That would be useful!

Issue… assigned!

And finally, getting more details (collapsing data, revealing data) is also something we’d love to do well:

Milestone details

We want to be able to provide to the end-user information they need without making their feed unmanageable. This is party why we’re also experimenting with the ability to filter results and thinking heavily about intelligent data design and organization.

Here’s another view of what “more” information might look like:

Issue detail

Here’s a look at some other types of updates and what they might look like in the greater feed:

Deployment card, collapsed.

Deployment card, expanded.

Filter feed by Deployments

As you can see, we’re working through a number of different “types” of content that we’re pulling from our sources and continuing to experiment with how we showcase the data in a way that’s useful and actionable.

Okay, so, that’s the visual update for March (at least so far). We’ll probably have another March Design Update in the next few weeks as we continue to experiment and design.

Have a great week folks!