Mark Suster on ADD

Some really neat perspectives on ADD from a guy that has it, including some of the common misnomers:

I can focus the fuck out of stuff that I love and am interested in. I grew up doing puzzles in my room for hours. And I studied every statistic on the back of every baseball card and memorized batting averages, ERA and even birthdates and such. I’m Rain Man when it comes to numbers. If I’m interested I become so damned focused that I really block out everything else in my life to the point of irritability. People with ADD can focus. Just not on stuff that bores us. Which is most stuff.

I, myself, have ADHD and I’ve discovered that life has more than enough for me to stay busy and productive. In fact, more than that – life is full of joy.

Having mental disorder doesn’t mean that you’re dysfunctional, it just means that you see the world differently. And, for many reasons, that’s a really good thing. I count it as a plus in my line of work.