Meeting One of My Heroes: Matt Mullenweg

At the Wordcamp Speaker's Dinner Party

I had the amazing pleasure to meet one of my (living) heroes this past weekend and it was a complete trip! My team and I (more pics here) spent the weekend making new friends, meeting some of you, and having a blast encouraging each other with our publishing efforts.

And although spending time sharing some blog post publishing techniques with a great audience was at the very top of the list of awesome things that happened Friday and Saturday,  I must admit that meeting Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) and getting a very limited edition WordPress jacket, was the highlight of my weekend.

I sat on this blog post for quite some time (all day in fact) which is a long time to not hit the “Publish” button – there was a lot that I wanted to share, some thoughts about how Matt’s launched 1,000,000 new careers, created so much value for so many people, and how he’s fed my family with his neat little application so many years ago – but none of it was good enough and I drafted it multiple times.

All I really want to do Matt is just say this:

Thanks, for all you do.

That about sums it up (imperfectly, but it’s the sincerest level of gratitude that can be displayed via a blog).

WordCamp After Party

What an incredible human being with an incredible gift that he’s shared openly with the world. If I can do just a little bit of the same, that is, provide value for many people, then I’d be pretty happy darn happy with that.

And I’m pretty glad to say that I’ve found at least one way I’m doing that differently this year: People Acceleration.

So far the results have been phenomenal. I’m starting to get some of the seats filled for next class so if you’re interested please let me know.

*I won a WordCamp jacket from Matt himself. I will never wash it. … #LOL