What Matters Most

What matters more to you – winning an argument or shipping your product?

For most of us the answer is quite clear as we’d rather ship our game changing product and let the haters hate. The challenge, though, is when we make our products be our angle and approach to an argument and our so-called “play” rather than letting the product stand for itself.

I have to constantly remind myself that focus is more than just product and business decisions – it’s one of psychological warfare; it’s one of the mental, emotional, and sometimes the spiritual that come into play. It’s the soft tissue stuff.

I was reminded of that last week as we dealt with, as a community, an attempt to ripoff the work that we’ve done in the past. Although we “won” the win was hollow and I felt terrible that it even had to happen.

Even though I had (and still have) all the just cause to be upset I realized that I had lost my focus and that I had forgotten what really mattered the most and had joined a losing war despite the fact that I may win a battle or two here and there.

I had fallen prey to the noise of the market rather than the team and the work that was really before me. I have very few lessons-learned from this experience other than the obvious note to myself: Don’t let it happen again, it’s not that big of a deal.

And it really isn’t. I mean, it really, really isn’t.