On Becoming a Maven

I went a bit farther in my deep-dive of Gladwell’s book but I particularly enjoyed the sections on mavens and how they are “knowledge accumulators” — very much like me.

My blog — and assortment of federated digital outposts — are essentially how I accumulate, collect, and then disperse and share what I know and what I discover.

Very much like Gladwell’s description of a Maven, I really enjoy sharing what I know with others — I can’t seem to help myself:

The critical thing about Mavens, though, is that they aren’t passive collectors of information. It isn’t just that they are obsessed with how to get the best deal on a can of coffee. What sets them apart is that once they figure out how to get that deal, they want to tell you about it too.

Malcolm Gladwell

I know that feel, yo.

It’s true… you know. It’s just who I am.

And at this point I have no interest in being anyone else.

One of the ways that I’m doing this in more obvious and professional ways is through some of the live workshops and cohort-based training that I’m offering this month.

I’m particularly-excited about this course on sharing folks how I go about identifying, building, and then launching / profiting from my ideas. I’ve taught this course to thousands of people over the last 10 years and it’s one of my absolute best.

The reason? Because people build real businesses and profitable projects from them!! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing others succeed.

This is the year: