Maxine Mccormick: Fly Fishing Mozart

No pressure, right?

The New York Times called her “the Mozart of Fly Casting.” 

And she had been. But Maxine was in tenth grade now. She worried about schoolwork, college applications, her friends. She liked snowboarding. Her family had moved from San Francisco to Oregon two years earlier, away from her coach and casting club.

And except for a few hours spent shaking the dust off in the days before the Long Beach competition, she hadn’t practiced her cast in four months. 

via Outside Online

We put so much pressure on our youth to perform at adult levels (with adult-sized results).

So cool.

Sometimes, it’s okay to just watch and listen:

Glenn stepped up beside me and watched his daughter fail and giggle. “She doesn’t like to be told how to do anything,” he said. “She’s figuring it out herself.” 

That’s about right.