From Me to We


I heard someone say today how important it is to change our mindset and actions from a “me” perspective to a “we” perspective.

I half-expected this person to diagram out what I drew out above but they didn’t. The difficulty of moving from oneself to outside oneself is incredibly difficult – sometimes so difficult it’s impossible.

We’ve been trained from a very young age to think for ourselves, to be independent, and in some cases to trust very few if anyone as we build our own luck, so to speak.

I have often thought that the world we live in needs to make this dramatic shift but it’s easier to criticize it and hope that it changes than actually change oneself.

I think even in our own small-ish online publishing and blogging ways we can be more a “we” type of community and “we” type of culture rather than a “me” one. Perhaps it’s as simple as spending just a little more time on someone else’s blog instead of our own or reading one more blog post and commenting than we do typically.

I was reminded today of the me vs. we concept yet again today and I want to continue to think about it this week. I don’t think it gets enough attention, especially in terms of action. We say this all the time, don’t we, among ourselves? That we should be more collaborative and more community-driven than we are?

I wonder how often we actually materialize those good intentions into action. I wonder how often I do this myself.

The first month of the last half of this year is coming to a very quick close – it would be a shame if the last half is exactly like the first half as it was much more about “me” than “we.” I want to do better.