I’ve been thinking about measurement a lot recently as I’m attempting to make critical decisions about the work that I do and the decisions that I have to make for the rest of the 2013 year. We’re in the last-half and I feel the pressure to evaluate and re-evaluate my goals for the year – you should as well.

The challenge is making sure that you have the right metrics for your personal and professional growth and success. You know this and I know this. What’s baffling is that very few people (and organizations) really do this well, or if at all. I spend most of my time when coaching helping others to establish these, btw.

Many of us think that the fact that we wake up each morning and get up and do what we’ve been asked/required to do is forward progress but that’s nothing more than a glass half-full, which isn’t enough if you’re growing a startup or a business! You need to get as full as possible, the best seat in the house, and sometimes that seat isn’t very comfortable (but it’s still the best).

You must commit to measuring your progress. You must commit to being honest about it to you and your team. You must set these measurements and make them public. Not globally-public as in tweet it and status-update it everywhere but within the right contexts that will serve you well. You must set times to evaluate them, and reevaluate them.

You must do this and become a master at it. It may force you to slow down, be more prudent, a little more cautious and calculated. These are only good things and most entrepreneurs need to master measurement before they get started on their next idea.

Here’s the point: No business or personal development happens without measurement because there ultimately is no way to understand, create, or leverage the outcause – momentum, which is the lifeblood of a startup and your personal growth.

Things to Do or Think About:

  1. What do you need to begin measuring?
  2. When will you evaluate and re-evaluate your measurements and how you’re doing?
  3. Why are you so opposed to measurement?
  4. If you like measuring things have you ever done too much measurement and not enough action?

It’s time to bust out a piece of paper and spend a bit of time introspecting!