Medium Integration is Here!

As I shared a little while back, I was exploring an integration with and I’m really happy to announce that the update is now available in the store! Stoked!

I had wanted to integrate with Medium for a super-long time. In fact, I pinged almost 2 years ago on December 12, 2013 about it!


There answer was that there weren’t any plans for an API. I didn’t give up, and I asked again the next year:


Still no plans. Bummer.

But, I didn’t get upset… I knew it was going to come. And so when the team pinged me to do some testing before the announce I was so pleased!


So, it’s here and I hope you enjoy. It’s not fully built out with all the features that I’d like quite yet but I’m sure the Medium Team is continuing to work on it plenty. Here’s hoping!

Oh, and this update is entirely free, by the way. It’s notpaid upgrade or in-app purchase! Enjoy!