The Medium API

So, it shouldn’t be a question… I’m definitely checking up on Medium’s new API.

Although, I’ll admit, there are some limitations to it that have made me scratch my head a bit, but nothing that would ultimately stop me from giving it a serious go.

Daniel J. has shared some thoughts that encapsulate my own:

The new API, which is well-documented on GitHub, seems off to a good start. It’s a REST based design that shares some design similarities with Tumblr’s and Blogger’s APIs. There are also some interesting decisions that set the API apart from any others I’ve seen.

Some of those other things include the inability to edit existing posts and edit posts once you’ve published them. My hope is that these things are introduced in an iterative fashion as the API gains more traction and more people use it. I love Daniel’s closing remarks the best:

My interest in the new Medium API is obviously based in my hope to support the service from MarsEdit. The current limitations, particularly with respect to listing or existing posts, would make it difficult to support Medium at the same level of functionality as other publishing systems. I’m encouraged by the progress though, and am hopeful that in response to feedback from myself and others, they will continue to develop the API into a truly first-class experience for a wide range of 3rd party solutions.