Medium Throttling, Limiting Publishing

I’ve shared my thoughts about Medium before and I’m still a fan of any publishing system (I even built an app for it) that allows people to capture their thoughts and then share them with the world.

In that way, I’m publisher / platform agnostic, in most ways.

But, I am always a fan of entirely owning one’s content end-to-end, meaning, it’s always, always a risk to host any of the content that you create on someone else’s system.

De-risking myself from any platform outside of my own personal control is important. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t re-post or re-publish articles!

Which… is what I do on Medium as I have this WordPress blog connected via API to Medium so that every time I publish something here it creates a post in Medium:

Cool stuff.

But, I had no idea that there was an actual cap to the amount of posts one could publish on Medium in a 24-hour period!

This is because I’ve never really had to publish more than a few posts a day on Medium… until I connected another new blog to Medium. Since we publish 10+ times a day, I hit the upper-limit.

This just feels odd, to be honest. I understand their interest in managing spam content, but, putting a limit on daily publishing seems completely backward.

Consequently, I decided to ping them and ask them to remove the limit and they did, which I’m grateful for:

Throttling the number of posts you can publish on any platform is wrong. Full stop. I should have never had to make an explicit request like this.

And, I may be one of the very few folks who have had this issue…? I couldn’t find much out in the interwebs about this issue.


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