Join the TentBlogger Local Meetup Group!

As a result of some of the thoughts and comments surrounding this blog post about building community more I thought I’d create a Meetup Page so that we could consider doing some local gatherings and meetups to get to know each other better and encourage each other better!

I think this would be a neat way to get some serious face time with each other, give an opportunity to interface and exchange ideas, as well as have topical discussions about blogging, WordPress, search engine optimization, creative writing, and more!

I’d love for you to become a member of the Meetup Group, fill out your profile completely, and start suggesting some ideas of how we can start some local gatherings!

And of course, if you’re interested in leading one I’m all for that as well! Wouldn’t it be neat to have, one day, local TentBlogger Meetups worldwide in every major city on the globe? Wow! What a dream!

Love to hear your thoughts on this and how we can take this community up a notch!

See you there! 

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