The Megapixel Bragfest

via @marcusbofficial

“Ready for my 24 Carat Gold Bath” via @marcusbofficial

We are a generation that brags incessantly with our mobile devices showcasing to the world our good fortune and the neat toys that we get to play with, the places that we get to visit (or live), and the special people that we hang out with.

It’s all done in high-fidelity image capture, editing done via advanced mobile applications for an even “better” perspective, and then shared publicly to our adoring fans and followers. This generation is one that will be known for (and remembered by) the thousands upon thousands of images that have been created for the sole purpose of bragging.

And I don’t mind it as much as you might think.

This isn’t a commentary on the egocentricity of the mobile and techno-privileged generation and how many braggarts we must now endure during our daily scheduled trips down social media lane – no, every generation has had braggarts (I like that word) and we’ll see no end to their existence.

This is much more of an appeal for these authors and digital creators to craft better and more rich and more complete stories of their lives; more than just snapshots taken without a more complete story.

I have often flipped through Rich Kids of Instagram to get a laugh (or two) and I’m struck at how filthy-rich some of these young people seem to be. But I am always curious as to what the larger story really is, behind that seemingly-innocent facade of the teenager and her Lamborghini. I wonder what’s really going on and how I could understand more about their context, their history, and even perhaps their struggle.

In other words I would wish and hope that more complete stories are told behind the images that are captured. This is one reason why I built Pressgram because I do enjoy a better and more complete story and narrative around the image that was taken. It’s also the reason I attempt to persuade anyone that I come in contact with about starting their own blog and capturing those long-form thoughts and experiences for understanding and for the future.

The megapixel bragfest will only get bigger as our tools get smarter and more powerful – this means that the importance of capturing a more full “picture,” so to speak, is becoming even more important and rare.

If you haven’t made New Years Resolutions then you should add “Start a Blog” as one of them for 2014. In fact, you could start one today. Why not?