Mental Health in Schools

Very, very happy about this news:

For the first time, two U.S. states will require schools to provide mental health education in a bid to combat a rising tide of depression and psychological hurdles facing American youth.

New York and Virginia enacted their respective mental health education laws on Sunday. The states’ statutes differ on the specifics, as CNN reports. In Virginia, the basic premise is that physical education or health education curricula for ninth and 10th graders have a mental health component. In New York, elementary, middle, and high school curriculum will include mental health.

The more we can make mental health a normative fixture in our everyday conversations the better. Making it less taboo will make our world a much, much better place.

I already talk very openly with my own school-aged kids about mental health (and my own personal struggles to manage and maintain in well… although they see and experience all of this in real-time… unfortunately…) and the convos are encouraging.

I think there’s a chance where they won’t see it as a negative or positive thing… just a thing to be discussed openly, honestly, and transparently.