Become a Blog Mentor This Year!

Call it what you want...!

One of the best things that you can do as a writer and blogger is to find someone to mentor in blogging! And don’t feel like since you might just be a so-called n00b that you’re incapable of mentoring someone!

What I have found in my time as a teacher and educator around blogs is that I learn more about my craft when I’m actually teaching it!

You see, when I’m in relationship to a few people who I’m actively guiding through the process I grow, myself, as a blogger! It stretches me and they typically challenge not only my thinking but also how I effectively communicate to them!

The result is found in a lot of the Series Posts that I’ve created, especially the Launching a WordPress Blog Series!

And I challenge you to do the same…

I'm mentoring my 3-month old daughter as a blogger.

Thankfully, I get to do it on a larger scale through this blog so I feel like I’m “digitally mentoring” thousands of people at a time (which is very rewarding) but it doesn’t replace the much smaller and more intimate engagement with others.

Your mission (and my challenge to you!) is to find one or more people that could learn a thing or two from your experience as a blogger this year.

Feel free to invite them publicly to sign-up via a blog post or ask someone you know if they’d be interesting in starting a blog! Do whatever it takes to become a blog mentor and I guarantee that you’ll be a better blogger because of it!

Here area  couple of things to remember and as well as a bit of advice as a mentor:

  1. Stay practical with your help always!
  2. Be encouraging to your mentees!
  3. Provide challenges that are both within their reach as well as outside to stretch and grow them.
  4. Help them create goals!
  5. Help them create a compelling vision for “what could be” with their blog!
  6. Help them with WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes.
  7. Challenge them with 3rd party services or a bit of code.
  8. Make sure to meet regularly and make sure you have the time required!
  9. Have a start and an end date!
  10. Create reviews for them and then encourage them to mentor someone else!

Have fun with it and let me know if you accept this challenge!