Meta Data

Something that a lot of image enthusiasts and photographers alike really care about is the transfer of meta data. Specifically their ability to manage and track their media and creations through the digital space.

The Embedded Metadata Initiative has a manifesto which states 5 guiding principles:

  1. Metadata is essential to describe, identify and track digital media and should be applied to all media items which are exchanged as files or by other means such as data streams.
  2. Media file formats should provide the means to embed metadata in ways that can be read and handled by different software systems.
  3. Metadata fields, their semantics (including labels on the user interface) and values, should not be changed across metadata formats.
  4. Copyright management information metadata must never be removed from the files.
  5. Other metadata should only be removed from files by agreement with their copyright holders.

They even have results from their own tests of popular online services and how each one handles meta data:


You can see some of the services, like Facebook and Twitter have, well, interesting results.

I have just encountered this so I’m looking at it lightly right now, but I would be interested in exploring this post MVP launch. Any thoughts here?

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