I have been building things for as long as I can remember and it is the thing that makes me the most happy in my life.

More precisely, I really enjoy building things and then observing the results, seeing what happens and what people think about it. I can then ask questions, poke holes in my approach, and then build again with these new insights in-tow.

This is my “infinite loop” of creation; I’m obsessed with “if / then” statements both in computer logic but also more importantly my own life. In fact, it’s how I’ve learned to (cope) function in a more neurotypical manner (running “human” in emulation mode).

I encounter all of life as a set of inputs and outputs; the mystery that sits in-between is what makes the world a magical, mysterious, and oftentimes menacing place.

But, it’s also my home.

And it’s becoming more of a home every single day as I spend a growing allocation of my life in AR / VR / MR / XR as a metacreator. The result? I’m falling more deeply in love (and more impatient with) the inevitable and unstoppable metaverse.

We need more creators. We need more builders. I want this reality to come sooner, not later. As a consequence I’m starting to “rebrand” around these terms and I’m challenging my community — the #yeniverse — to add #yenizen to their twitter bios if anything in that (and this) post resonates:

A bunch of my friends (you!) are already metacreators, like me. We’ve been building shit on the internet for years; decades even. We’ve been building the tooling, technology, all the fundamental and hard-earned insight and know-how and systems of thought of what it’s like to live, work, and make a living on the internet.

In short, we’ve been building the foundation for the metaverse and we didn’t even know it. That’s us. We’re builders of the future. We always have been.

We are metacreators.