A very simple question, really.

A metacreator is someone who’s passionate about the metaverse and who is actively building their future with that context in-mind.

For instance, I am currently building my own universe (we call it “YENIVERSE” around these parts) in a way that is infinitely sustainable, both operationally and fiscally.

In other words, my focus is to build a system that will allow me to continue to make money via the things that I love to do and allows me greater access to people who love what I do. I’m pretty sure most #yenizens want the same thing.

Do more of what you love with more folks who love what you do — that’s what The Metacreator Lifestyle™️, credo, and mantra. For us, it’s more than just a lifestyle; IT IS OUR ENTIRE life; we simply cannot disassociate from what we know to be true and the inevitable future.

I can’t wait; are you in?