Digital Terraforming — #Metaforming

When you build a new anything on the internet you must first spend a bit of time #metaforming the environment.

This is especially important if you’re building a community (around a product or metabusiness). Even better still is if you’re able to do it with others.

Last night a handful of friends and I digitally-terraformed the first YENIVERSE in the inevitable metaverse; we agonized over the right emoji and the right names to the rooms as well as the description text. Agonized.

The reason is because every YENIVERSE is unique, special, and a deeply-intimate representation of not just what you do and what you believe and what you hope your community can achieve but it is most importantly a reflection of who you are as a metacreator. You are building the virtual playground upon which you and your friends will live, work, and do life, together and it matters that you do it right.

This is a fun tension between tool and utility; we’ve designed the metaplatform to be super-fucking fast; you can sign-up and get started in literally less than 60 seconds. This will be an important “Aha!” moment for our new yenizens.

But contrast that with the weight of glory; the fact that you are metaforming the very world upon which you will operate and it is yours — YOUR YENIVERSE.

And you can have as many as you’d like for every community, every fantasy, every project, forever, for as long as we are here. Our work and investment will last a lifetime; this is why I agonize and this is why I build it as I build.

Like an infinite game.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Here’s <sysop> Michele with a great overview of how to do this: