What Does the Metaverse Feel Like?

It feels like this:

She’s got it right.

One of the things that becomes immediately obvious the more and more folks come into “contact” with ideas like the metaverse is that no one has any idea what it all means or represents or how it’s supposed to be; everyone is simultaneously wrong and comically right at the same time.

The metaverse is what essentially what the internet is and what you make it to be and this always includes the fundamental ABCs: Art, Business, Community.

via our Metaverse Daily Livestream

The point is that it’s intentionally difficult to pin down because the metaverse, ideally, will be a unique manifestation of each and everyone’s individual personality. If that’s a bit of a mind-fuck then that’s totally fine because that seems like an impossibility.

And it’s not as we’ve already seen the results and outcomes of an ever-increasing technological world, two things namely: Greater dependency and (a growing desire for more) personalization.

But what we can all agree on is how the metaverse feels because that’s a shared feeling that’s easy to describe: Relaxed.

Why? Because you’re home and in your own home you’re going to be the most at peace because there isn’t any pressure for you to be anywhere (and anyone) that you don’t want to be. And, in your own home, you can say whatever the fuck you want to say, however you’d like to say it.

That’s kind of the point of personal (and private) property, right?

The metaverse is a place that should be, mostly, stress-free. There isn’t pressure against or for moderation as you can always leave and always create your own world if you don’t like participating in someone else’s. It’s just like when you enter into a new relationship (or someone’s house if we were to continue to metaphor) and you (quickly) come to realize that this isn’t a good place for you to be, for whatever reason.

You just walk out the door. That’s it. No hard feelings. Easy-peasy. That’s the metaverse.

This is also why we don’t have features within our metaplatform — one particular federation and tool of the greater metaverse — that contribute to things like FOMO or that build anxiety in any way, shape, or form. Consequently, we have zero notifications. None. Nada. Zilch.

This, for many folks, feels strange and undesirable until you actually live in the future with a handful of us and realize that this is a vastly better way to do life. I’m not worried about “missing” anything. Why? Because it’s my house! I know where everything is! And just like my own physical home(s) I come and go as I please and I do not feel pressure to be “available” or “online” when other folks supposedly “need” me.

You see, those things just do not exist in the “atopia” (neither dystopian or utopian) that is the metaverse. You can most-certainly “opt-in” to creating a FOMO-like culture within your own house and home (and online community or business / organizational culture) but that doesn’t sound like a great place to hang out, to be honest.

Nobody has time for that.

Michele has it right: The metaverse feels relaxed because there’s always a spot for you and there isn’t pressure for you to be anywhere or anyone you don’t want to be. That includes the pressure of being “present” and “online” and all that nonsense. It is in fact possible to have a growing, thriving, and super-productive (and profitable!) culture without things like notifications or persistent, natively-installed apps.

You see, that’s the future that is the metaverse and that’s what it feels like because that’s what it really is. I hope that you, like Michele, get that sooner rather than later.