What is the METAVERSE?

A very good question! In fact, it might be one of the more important topics of 2021 (and beyond) outside of the obvious financial pandemic (and a solution).

My friend and fellow <sysop>, SWAY, shares a few thoughts this morning and he’s really on-point with a lot of this:

Sway is a Metacreator! Are you in?

I’ve written a few things here and there but I love how Sway covers this with an all-important, can’t-be-missed, broad stroke:

The Metaverse, in layman’s terms, is a community. There are rules, there is order, just be nice, just have fun. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Sway Molina

He’s not wrong and, to be frank, it’s one of the better high-level captures that I’ve encountered in recent memory. I particularly love the framing here because it highlights many of the important core tenets / principles of the metaverse:

  1. The metaverse is first and foremost about community and any attempt to reduce it to a single technology (platform), implementation, language, geography, or culture should be ignored — and perhaps called-out if necessary — as antithetical and antagonistic to metaverse core values as no one person / organization owns, controls, or governs it.
  2. The metaverse is fundamentally about freedom and continues the historically-important legacy that the founders of the internet established: Technology was made for man, not man for technology; it is a tool that should create more access for more people so that they can more easily use their skills, knowledge, and experience to improve their lives.
  3. Finally, the metaverse is all about art; it’s the internet’s “final form” for artists! In many ways it is the proverbial “missing piece” for creatives, builders, makers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders because it uniquely solves the relationship between art and commerce; the metaverse maximizes the creator’s ability to create, share, and profit from their work while minimizing evil corp intermediaries who tax your art through predatory / centralized pricing and “algorithmic” control. Enough is enough.

The metaverse is a lot of things to a lot of people but we all share the philosophies and paradigms above. For us it’s about expanding our creative, artistic, and financial futures. It’s about making more money from our art than we did before — whatever that art might be!

The metaverse is about doing more of what you love with more folks who love what you do. Just like the OG internet, before marketers ruined everything.

The metaverse isn’t a technology or protocol or combination of them; it’s a choice to reject the old, crippled, and predatory systems of Web 2 and a decision to live in a future that is less about fear and more about freedom.

This is why there’s such a clear and obvious connection between the metaverse community and the blockchain / crypto / bitcoin community — there’s way too much overlap to pleasantly ignore!

The metaverse is already here; it’s just not equally-distributed (yet). We need to help grow awareness and understanding through empathy and education. It’s here, it’s already growing, and folks are already doing more of their art (while making more money!) in our growing and expanding universe (or YENIVERSE)!

Guess what?! There’s room for you here and we can’t wait to hang. Life is better in the metaverse and we can’t wait to help you get started living in the future.

Sometimes you can’t quite describe what the metaverse is… you have to experience it because then you’ll know that it’s just as much of a feeling as it is anything else:

Thanks Michele for drawing this out! You rock.