How the Mighty Fall

The difference between success and failure is indistinguishable in the moment. In fact, what might be perceived as one may in fact be leading wholly in the opposite direction.

The ultimate indicator of success actually lies in the individual person, not the circumstance or even the product, company, or financial mile markers. I’m being reminded of this as I read biographies of once-heralded heroes in my industry who are now no longer with us – not dead, but simply forgotten because of colossal personal failure.

10 out of 10 times it’s almost always a moral failure closely aligned with pride that blind a person into making terrible leadership decisions. I told my team recently that I’m studying these leaders and their patterns of behavior so that I might identify them in myself in order to avoid those well-traveled paths.

How the mighty fall. Some of these individuals oversaw¬†billions of dollars in their company as a leader and they let it all fall apart. How sad. How unfortunate for all those that paid the price of one man or woman’s ego and thirst for control and an insatiable appetite for raw power with zero accountability.

If you lead any company or business or venture then you have enormous responsibility to create an environment where you can be told that you are wrong and where you respect these people enough to agree. How rare this truly is.