Million Plus One

This is probably one of my favorite books for young kiddos (you can get them here and here):

Pictures… so pretty!

The thing that I like the best is that they are not just cute pictures but they have sounds associated with them. All of my children have grown up with the “Hello, Animals!” book and learned to growl like a tiger or bark like a dog – I can literally hear their tiny voices say:

Puppy… *woof woof!

Our youngest will now follow in the glorious footsteps of his older sisters and learn to buzz like bees, clip-clop like a zebra, moo like a cow, and crunch-munch like pandas.

I really do enjoy reading the books myself… I’m not entirely sure why. This is rare, of course… as most parents eventually come to loathe the repetitive requests of their children to read X, Y, or Z book for the 1,000,000th time.

Make that a million-plus-one now…