Ministry Branding is Great

Branding is good stuff.  Above is a screenshot of the individual video page @, which is getting so close to a BETA launch I can smell it like my walk to the local Starbucks.

As you can see, we’ve posted our small little logo and brand image on the player itself, which will be carried everywhere a user embeds the video, whether into their blog, personal website, facebook, etc.

And this is simple, effective, and easy way to expand your presence online.  Duh, right?

I’ve had a really amazing opportunity to work with some guys at NorthPoint for a bit now.

Dan Stonaker, Associate Director of Ministry Services and Russell Todd, the Web Director have graciously included me in some of their conversations surrounding Social Media/Networking Strategy and Engagement.

What’s really so exciting is the amount of creative, artistic, and technical talent they’ve got on their team.  And that is certainly a very very good thing.  It’s a blessing.  But a challenge that can be created is offering a consistent user experience throughout all their online digital properties.  Taking a look at the numerous ones that they’ve got it’s fairly obvious (that they’ve got talent) that they might have some issues.

What I’ve suggested recently is a consistent branding throughout their sites.

Something as simple as a favicon (which they’ve implemented) can go a long way to establishing an online identity.  It’s super easy to make too.  Check out these automatic favicon generators:

All of them work very well.  Make sure to upload this into your root directory of your website and on all your other properties!

Another thing we’ve been discussing is also along the line of branding… creating transferable digital artifacts.  Give your members something to take with them when they leave your site!  Give them badges (here’s a great tutorial on web badges) widgets, embeddable images and icons, create a fansite kit, or skins, or themes… anything that they can somehow (to a small or large degree) personalize and then link back to your main content.

What happens is a grassroots buildup of your digital footprint, and it can begin to expand at little to no cost!  What a deal!  Make sure to provide some simple guidelines and usage requirements.  Check out Apples usage guidelines for an example.

I’ve had a blast just simply touching base with NorthPoint Ministries and have been uber blessed with the opportunity to work with them, even at a very small level.  Praying for big things with you guys!