Leveling Up My Minivan Skills


Something has happened recently that you need to know about and that I’m still somewhat ambivalent about: I now own a minivan.

Yes, yes… yes…

My family has made the significant (or not so significant…?) decision to trade in my lovely 2-door Honda Civic for a much more practical Honda Odyssey. Thankfully I was able to buy this from my parents who kept babied it for years and still looks and performs like brand-new.

And now this fully-loaded 2007 is part of our family. Some, like my youngest, have already claimed their rightful spot on the bus:



I feel like this shift should be significant for me, right? Well, there was nothing more poignant than driving up to ECHO Conference in this and feeling extremely motivated to park at the far end of the lot and then sneak in the back entrance.


What exactly is this stigma that I feel? I shouldn’t be embarrassed, right? The thing drives like a sedan and has amenities that rival our house.

Well, at least my wife has some humor in it – after having driven countless hours back to Atlanta from Dallas she asked me to proudly pose in front of it like a champ:


She got lucky because I was tired – I don’t feel nearly as cool as I want to be. I will say, though, that I’m geeking out on some of the features.

How about you? If you’re of the male persuasion, are you rocking a soccer-mom-style-minivan? What’s your take? How am I supposed to feel about this awkward-yet-necessary transition?

Give it to me. Tell me what’s up (and what might be irreversibly down).