“Minus Stars”

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Ouch. You can see that this person really had it out for me and the last line really punches me in the gut:

If there was a minus stars rating Desk would deserve it.


I’ll just let that sit there, but, honestly, this is the internet and it allows for this type of bad behavior. It doesn’t mean that it’s right and we can always want and desire more encouragement than digital beat-downs, but, for as long as I’ve been creating publicly this is simply what happens.

The saddest thing is that TextExpander actually works… so, I’m not entirely sure what his real problem is. And, unfortunately, I don’t have any easy way to connect with him and respond publicly (since he’s given me feedback publicly).

I was reminded of this post when I got that feedback last week, my thoughts on real transparency and what it takes to be authentic and open and vulnerable on the web. It takes guts to build in public and you’re better for it, but, you have to accept some of the “nasty” with the big helping of good too.