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Photo Credit: drakegoodman
Photo Credit: drakegoodman

Instagram has a new mission statement which is:

To capture and share the world’s moments.

I was thinking about this the other day and I began to find so much that I didn’t like about it. In fact, I began to hate it. Besides the fact that it sounds like something a bunch of suits came up with in a corporate brainstorming session it’s the last word that gets me the most: Moments.

I think it’s shallow and superficial. It’s momentary, limited, and removes the value that these moments really have. It’s offensive to their users. Ugh.

So, I began thinking of our mission statement at Pressgram and I came up with this:

To publish pictures worth 1,000 words.

Why this? Here are a few cursory thoughts:

  1. We are a publishing product. We publish your great work. It’s yours. Always and forever and publishing is at the very heart of what we do. We don’t even care so much about if you use our filters or if you use another application to take images and filters (as long as they don’t hold proprietary claim over your stuff or seek to commercialize them without you knowing, of course!). Our app was built so that you can publish them to a platform (WordPress) that you own and maintain. We are the best at that and will continue to iterate and improve our system to fulfill our mission.
  2. We believe that your images are worth a literal 1,000 words (if not more). It’s a phrase and colloquialism that’s relevant, appropriate, and well-known. But more than that it’s shows the true value of your images. It engenders a persistence (not just a “moment”) that speaks much more deeply and has more longevity than just a snapshot. Oh, and your images won’t disappear if a social network or startup disintegrates as you’ll have them, always and forever, on your own property. Important, right? In addition, it showcases that there there is a greater context of who you are and the images that you are taking. It allows the user to interface with that belief via your blog or WordPress site to get a better idea of who you are as a whole.
  3. It’s all about a story. A story isn’t just a moment – it’s an experience that’s retold time and time again and over and over – it’s enjoyed among friends and it takes more than just a “moment” in time to express that story. Oh, and by the way, it’s your story. Always. And you can do with it with what you will. It’s not Facebook’s story or Instagram’s story. It’s yours.
  4. We’re about images, not video. Give me photos-only or give me death. Instagram’s “singularity” of purpose has been lost. We won’t lose our way. We publish images and we’re going to be fucking amazing at it. The best. That’s why you trust us and that’s why you downloaded it in the first place.

I hope that gives you some idea of how passionate I am about what we’re doing together.

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