More Lucky Than Smart

This is kind of how I feel most days.

Good fortune allows me to interact with folks who are, in the most noticeable of ways, objectively more brilliant than myself — their minds are able to traverse many more topics with greater ease and with a depth of clarity that I find altogether impossible.

I enjoy these conversations the most.

The few things that I do have to offer in these exchanges is the fact that I’ll ask the questions that most folks don’t ask—you know, the hard ones.

In these moments I may feel smart, for a moment, but I have come to recognize that most of the good and precious things that I have were given to me, not earned. They are, simply, gifts.

I have counted many blessings over the years — I want, desperately, to count many more. I hope, in these very uncertain times, that we can be both lucky and smart and more of everything else that we may collectively need.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.