MNML: Featured Worldwide

Yesterday I quietly launched MNML App to the Mac App Store and it was featured in the main carousel worldwide!

Check it out:

Honored and humbled!

And yesterday on the vlog I captured some visceral and candid thoughts about this app and where it sits in the changing seasons of my personal and professional life:

You see, this is how I’m built. I go in and out of seasons where I have a lot going on, project-wise, and then I pare back down to only one singular focus.

Ready for sale!

Right now, I’m ending a creative season of building many different things and have decided to focus all my professional time and energy in my exciting new venture, Pinpoint.

Obviously, I’d love to have you follow along there and I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about it (daily) on my vlog… so, you should subscribe. If anything, it’s just a small window into what it’s like building a company in the heart of the technology world.

Oh, and if you’re interested… here are some of the other Featured Carousel Artwork and Mac App Store screenshots that a friend and I put together for consideration:

I ultimately choose the last one, mostly because it feels like you’re in the city (duh) and I live in a city. Just feels at home, if you know what I’m saying.

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