Mobile Photo Challenge – Renew

Discover Pressgram Mobile Photo Challenge Renew

The community team here gets pretty busy. Many of us are too busy at times to even keep up with writing posts. That’s ok because I would much rather see people busy developing their life and pursuing things very important to them. To save time, they still use Pressgram to publish to their blogs among their busy schedules.

That is where Pressgram succeeds. We are still able to commit to publishing despite how busy we all get.

I have decided to change the weekend challenge to the “Mobile Photo Challenge” that will be bi-monthly rather than weekly. So every two weeks you will have a week to submit your photos by sharing links to them on twitter and G+ with the designated hash tags per challenge. This gives us all more time to catch up and have a chance to submit photos.

Let’s be honest, not all of us have time over the weekend to see what the new challenge is or to even participate. Sometimes we need a full week to catch up on what’s going on. It’s also been quite tough for me lately to come up with challenges every single week on top of everything else I have in my schedule. We all need rest from time to time and I hope that you all can understand that.

Which brings me to the new challenge – Renew.

For some of us it is spring time and for others it is nearing autumn, but no matter what season you are in, we all can find renewal. Just like the earth renews itself each year, we need to renew ourselves each week.

Publish an image and short blog post to your own blog describing what “Renewal” means to you. Maybe renewal is a blooming tree or maybe its spending time with your family and relaxing. Maybe renewal is building something for your home or working on a your favorite hobby. Whatever renewal is to you, capture it, talk about it and publish it.

Then share the link with us using #dprenew on twitter or G+. We will then share our favorite ones right on the blog for the community to see.